ACP Canada

ACP Canada has been working in the Bushenyi and Mbarara districts of Uganda since 2006. Below you will see a snapshot of the work that has taken place and the priorities of focus as well as our most current campaign.

Community Gardens have been a large part of the work. We have supported the growth and development of five community gardens.

Health education and promotion has been a key element of the work including family planning, nutrition and sanitation.

Tailoring cooperatives have grown to support income generation of families as well as fulfill local contracts with schools etc. for uniforms.

Income generation through projects such as bee-keeping, goat rearing, soap-making, and other initiatives help families to have control of their income and build as cooperatives.

HIV testing and education have been a priority to ensure we can support the health and well-being of communities.

Mosquito net contributions allow for the prevention of malaria among children and families.

Supporting schools in rural communities has taken place through school partnerships. We have been able to build libraries, classrooms, water tanks, teachers quarters and support resources. 

Micro-lending within communities has allowed us to support women and families to start up their own businesses and take control of their families future.